Goats For Sale

We have 26 (and counting) registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. They are all pasture raised, with daily hay/alfalfa, and a small percentage of organic non-GMO grain from New Country Organics.  We have lots of kids up for discussion and will hopefully have several more to come! Please feel free to reach if you have questions!

Opal's Buckling's

Sire: Old Mountain Farm JustPlainEd

SS: Old Mountain Farm Nightshade

SD: Old Mountain Farm Millet

Dam: Painted Pepper OMB Opal

DS: Old Mountain Farm Borax

DD: SG Painted Pepper JJ Jewel

Asking $

Dark Chocolate's Doelings

Sire: Celtic Pride 2B Frank

SS: Celtic Pride Gunfighter

SD: Dill's Rod 2B or Not 2B

Dam:Celtic Pride Dark Chocolate

DS: Dill's DRT Dirty Mind

DD: Celtic Pride Farm Marie

Asking $

Harmoni (SOLD)

Blue Eyed, Beautiful friendly doe that just kidded triplets on March 7th. 

Sire: Eifel Acres Fix-it Felix

Dam: Tiny Tales Farm Grace Martin


Harmoni Buckling Kid (Humphrey) (SOLD)

Blue Eyed, Disbudded, ready to go home May 2nd 

Sire: Celtic Pride 2B Frank

Dam: Eifel Acres Fif Harmoni

Harmoni Doeling Kid (Holly)

Blue Eyed, Disbudded, ready to go home May 2nd 

Sire: Celtic Pride 2B Frank

Dam: Eifel Acres Fif Harmoni

Asking $650


ADGA/AGS Registered Doe, Blue Eyed, Moon spotted, light Buckskin.  

Sire: AGS Dreamer's Farm Leopard

SS: Pairie Wood Jaguar

SD: AGS Dreamer's Farm Breeze

Dam: AGS Dreamer's Farm Minnie Mouse

DS: AGS Holloways Sacred Bandido Blue

DD:AGS Prairie Wood Marshmallow Cocoa

Asking $650 (Will discount with her buckling)

Aurora Buckling Kid (SOLD)

Blue Eyed, Moon Spotted, Disbudded, ready to go home May 4th

Sire: Dreamer's Farm Gideon 

Dam: Dreamer's Farm Aurora

Celtic Pride 2B Frank

Sire: Celtic Pride Gunfighter

SS: Valley's-Edge Stetson

SD: Valley's-Edge D'Vine

Dam: Dill's Rod 2B or Not 2B

DS: Dill's FW Ride or Die

DD: Dill's SS Free 2B Me

Asking: $

Rosie Bird G Andromeda

Would discount if sold with one or both of her bucklings

Sire: Roman Ranch M Galaxy

SS: Raisin Ridge Ranch Moonbeam

SD: Helmstead Minis F Fireinthesky

Dam: Miniature Blessings RD Emery

DS: Old Mountain Farm Red Deer

DD: AGS Wild Wind Farm Ginger Snap

Asking: $700

Rosie Bird G Andromeda Bucklings

Sire: Two Dogs Farm PSI Bucear

SS: Castle Rock HP Poseidon

SD: Two Dogs Farm KSR Paloma

Dam: Rosie Bird G Andromeda

DS: Roman Ranch M Galaxy

DD: Miniature Blessings RD Emery

Asking: $500 each 

Matilda (SOLD)

Sire: Dreamer's Farm Nightcrawler

SS: AGS Dreamer's Farm Jiminy Cricket

SD: Two Dogs Farm KSR Paloma

Dam: AGS Dreamer's Farm Roxanne

DS: AGS Kaco Yellow Rose Moon Rockit

DD: Ags Prairie Wood Moon Rox

Asking: $650

Dixie (SOLD)







Winnie's Kids (SOLD)

Sire: Eifel Acres GC Rory

SS: Old Mountain farm grey cheek

sd: Valley's Edge ff Amelie 

Dam: Rosie bird miss Winnie

DS: fairlea Emmanuel macron

DD: rosie bird g Andromeda 

Latte (SOLD)

Sire: SS:Broken Halos GR Jaguar

SS: AGS RUR Miniatures Gunther

SD:Pan's Kids Princess Grace

DAM:AGS Bell Trail Peaches N Cream

DS:AGS Faith's Farm Ok Rocky Road

DD: AGS Bell Trail Candy Corn

Gideon (SOLD)

Moon spots and blue eyed. 

Sire: AGS Dreamers Farm Jiminy Cricket

SS: AGS Prairie Wood PB Moon Shadow

SD: AGS Prairie Wood SD Kricket

Dam: AGS Holloways Zora Blu

DS: AGS Dreamer's Farm Ima Lil Joker 2

DD: AGS Holloways Zefra Blu

Petal (SOLD) 

Blue Eyed, Moon-spotted doe. Exposed to blue eyed, Moon-spotted buck. EDD May 30th

Sire: AGS Critter Croft Carpe Diem

Dam: AGS Prairie Wood Marshmellow Cocoa